Premium Sport Series Rotors

Premium Sport Series brake rotors are cross drilled and slotted in unique designs on high grade, cast iron brake discs.
Cquence Premium Sport Series brake discs have many key features which make them superior to standard brake discs and worth the investment.


These key features are:


  • G3500 cast iron grade—this is a higher grade cast iron.  It is harder and tougher than standard brake rotors, which are a G3000 cast iron grade
  • Electro-coating—there is a black e-coating around the hubs and within the vents. This electro-coating is tested to withstand 400 hours of corrosion resistance from salt spray testing.   E-coating will protect your brake rotors from rust (image 2 above has black e-coating around the hubs)
  • Center-split casting—our premium brake rotors are manufactured using a split cast molding process that is also used by OE manufacturers. This feature of the rotor provides enhanced stopping power by allowing heat to dissipate more evenly and efficiently, particularly in recurring stop and go situation.  (Image 1 above is center-split in the middle of the vanes)
  • Double disc ground finish—the friction surface is double disc ground which ensures part balance (Image 3 is a display of double disc grinding on the friction surface)
  • Mill balancing—is a machining process that minimizes rotating unbalance.  This procedure ensures that the brake rotor will spin truer toward its center axis which means smooth operation at all speeds
  • Directional vanes (where applicable)--vane designs which help provide enhanced airflow and cooling
  • Fully-Machined Finish--All surfaces are 100% fully machined.
  • High carbon (select applications)—superior brake rotor composition which greatly reduces the possibility of noise and cracking in severe conditions.  This material is more resistant to rust and improves stopping power and performance.

So take a look at our edgy and bold brake rotor designs Blade or Phantom.  You will be sure to experience smoother, faster stops with any of our Premium Sport Series brake rotors! 


*generic images —designs vary depending on application