Zinc plating is a process which has been designed to fight off the corrosion of steel - the same being done with the immersion of clean steel parts into a zinc salt solution and the application of electric currents thereafter.  Zinc coatings are formed around the steel, which will prevent the oxidation of the steel and will result to its protection against rust and corrosion.


The Zinc coating will serve as a protective barrier--before rust reaches the metal, it will have to deal with its Zinc protection first.


Numerous industries now actually make use of Zinc electroplating in order to further enhance the potential of their products.  An example, of course, is in the automotive industry.  Zinc plated brakes have become quite the trend because of its utmost efficiency and aesthetic effects.



Here are some additional benefits of zinc plating that you might want to know:



Safe To Use


Unlike cadmium plating and other processes that use harmful substances, Zinc plating is safer to use.  This is in relation with studies that show that Cadmium is a harmful substance and that it can potentially be deadly for humans.  Zinc, on the other hand, is a chemical that can actually be found in the human body – it is a component that is necessary for the formation of red blood cells.  From this example we can see how applying it to your car’s brakes is a safe option.





Zinc Plating is more efficient than other processes.  It has been found to give longer protection to brake callipers and steel in general, thereby providing a vehicle with reduced risk of damage over time.


Zinc plating has also been found to provide ductility and adhesion, which means that it is quite flexible and will reasonably lead to your car brakes working even better.  Its temperature tolerance is also higher, which means that your brakes will keep cool and will last longer.





Aside from the utmost efficiency and durability that Zinc Plating brings, it can also considerably make your brakes look more attractive.  This is in line with newer Zinc Plating technologies that have infused beauty with functionality - which is another reason why this process has been constantly gaining in popularity.



Today, Zinc Plates come in various colours, such as black, yellow, matte, clear, and decorative chrome.



It can be gleaned that Zinc plating is a process that one must never underestimate--not only does it add to the performance of your brakes, but it certainly brings in beauty as well.  Using it can only carries added bonuses.