FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


 Q:  When will my order ship?

A:  All of our brake rotor designs require a lead time of 24-48 hours for machining and zinc plating.   

Q:  How long is the shipping time?

A:  Shipping time depends on the size of the of the order as well as the delivery address.   It can take up to two weeks for an order to arrive at your doorstep.  Customers have the option to pay for expedited shipping.

Q:  Do you offer local pickup?

A:  We do not have a retail store or showroom.  We have a warehouse in an industrial complex and because of this we do not allow customers to come to our facility and shop, as we are not set up for it.  Still, if you are in the area and would like to come by to pick up your parts in person, we do allow that, but you must email or call us to order and set up an appointment ahead of time.

Q:  Do you ship internationally?

A:  Yes, we ship internationally.  However, international customers are to contact us prior to purchasing to ensure part fitment and for accurate shipping quotes.   This is an effort to prevent any costly issues for the customer.


Q:  Are your brake rotors sold in pairs?  

A:  We recommend you change your rotors in pairs when you do a brake job; however, we sell our rotors individually as some customers only require one.

Q:  What is the warranty on your brake rotors?

A:  We are proud to offer a limited, lifetime warranty on all of our drilled rotors.  We offer a one year warranty against warping and cracking.  The lifetime warranty covers material and workmanship defects and does not cover normal wear and tear.  For more information please see our Return Policy.

Q:  Are my brake rotors solid or vented?

A:  Whether your brake rotors are solid or vented depends on your vehicle make, year and model.  We offer direct OEM aftermarket, replacement fitting parts, so we will provide the parts that come standard for your vehicle.   Front rotors are typically vented, whereas the rears are normally solid.  For more information visit our blog about the types of rotors.

Q:  Are my brake rotors directional or side specific?

A:  Most of our brake rotors can be installed on either side of the vehicle.  However, for optimum performance, we have recommendations on how you should install our brake rotors.  Here is an article (click here) that explains in detail.  Design-wise, we will machine both a left and right rotor which mirror each other if you purchase a pair of brake rotors.  For single-rotor orders, please specify which side you would like for us to machine (please refer to the article for reference).

Q:  How many brake pads come with an order?

A:  One order of our brake pads will accommodate either both the front wheels or both the rear wheels. This is what it means when we say "sold as a full axle set."

Q:  What is the difference between drilled rotors versus dimpled rotors?

A:  Drilled brake rotors have holes machined completely through whereas dimpled brake rotors are machined just slightly beneath the friction surface.  We recommend drilled brake rotors for street applications and dimpled brake rotors for the more spirited driver.

Q:  Will the zinc plating wear off?

A:  The zinc will wear off almost immediately on the friction surface (where the brake pad meets the brake rotor), but will remain on non-friction surface for corrosion resistance.