Cquence Performance Series



Absolute (Dimpled Slotted),  Power (Slotted Only)


Dimpled and slotted brake rotors designs are normally reserved for high-end, performance vehicles as they are standard-equipped for those applications.  At Cquence, we are proud to make these features available on two of our own, exclusive designs: Absolute (dimpled and slotted) and Power (slotted only). These designs cater to the more assertive driver, where pedal feel and brake bite are favored as opposed to other things like brake pad wear.  

The Absolute design is dimpled, meaning the cross-drilled holes are drilled just beneath the friction surface.  These dimples help create added brake-bite as well as the visual appeal attractiveness of a cross-drilled brake rotor without having to machine completely through the rotor. 

The Power design is slotted only.  Slots also help by adding brake bite.  Both Performance Series designs utilize vector slots, which expel debris and hot air away from the friction surface and serves as a direction indicator for installation.  These brake rotors are certain to provide a commanding, aesthetic appeal through your wheels.

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